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image1Lord Buddha's teachings are helpful not only to Buddhists,
but also to non-Buddhists to conduct a happy and peaceful life, without a conflict.

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Ven. Thalpawila Kusalagnana

image2Ven. Thalpawila Kusalagnana is a Theravada Buddhist monk. Currently he is residing in Germany. He was the Chief Incumbent of the Buddhist Temple Bonn and Buddhist Vihara in Hamburg. Presently he is the Chief Incumbent of Vajirarama Buddhist Center in Germany. He carries out his postgraduate studies in the University of Hamburg in Germany.

Ven. Kusalagnana was born in Matara, Sri Lanka and received his ordination at the age of 13, in the Siri Vajiragnana Dharmayatanaya, Maharagama, Sri Lanka under the patronage of Most Venerable Madihe Pannasiha Mahanayake Thero and the Most Venerable Ampitiye Sri Rahula Nayake Thero.

Ven. Kusalagnana received his higher ordination in 2001. He has obtained the following academic degrees and Diplomas: M.A., Pandit, Tripitakacharya (Tutor of Pali Canon), Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies, Diploma in English, Diploma in Buddhist Psychology and Counseling.

Contact: Tel: 0049 178 7878996 - Email: kusalagnana(at)gmail.com



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